Looking forward to 2019

So long 2018. The Year of the Dog was a dog of a year for many in my circles. Let us hope the Pig is kinder!

I'm pleased to announce that the charting and transcribing services I have done for the last twenty years are now formally available worldwide through this site and through my FaceBook page. Use the Contact link to email me if you would like to use this service.

I'm very excited that the Queensland Music Festival have once again invited me to act as Musical Director, this time for their 20th anniversary signature community engagement project in Mt Isa. I'll be arranging for a huge array of ensembles - choirs of all sorts, string ensembles, brass bands, rock bands and a full orchestra, and revisiting the wonderful music written by John Rodgers for previous QMF events in the Isa. QMF always pull out all stops to present all the local talent they can find in a full professional setting - great fun. I will have my nose to the arranging grindstone until the performance in late July.